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The Alberta Advantage

Alberta is a vibrant and friendly province that celebrates many different cultures. That's why so many people from around the world have chosen to call it home.

Life is Better in Alberta

Alberta is often known as Canada’s "energy province” and is one of Canada’s most prosperous provinces. With fast-growing economies, Alberta continuously shows low levels of unemployment and high demand for workers. Much of its population resides in Alberta’s two largest cities: Edmonton and Calgary but with Alberta’s desirable landscapes, diverse mix of cultures, and low crime rates, most of its cities and towns are enjoyable to live in and safe to raise a family.

Alberta offers more!

Alberta offers many opportunities for work in a range of different skill sets. Many of these positions are paid higher than anywhere else in Canada. View our industry listing for more details.

More money for you to take home

You'll also save more of the money you earn. We have no provincial sales tax, no health care premiums, and gas is cheaper here than other provinces. That means you'll have more money to spend on the things that really matter, like enjoying all the fun that Alberta has to offer.

The Land of Endless Blue Skies

Alberta is known for its clear blue skies year-round. The sun is usually bright, from the warmest summer days to the snowiest winter days. In fact, Alberta has the highest number of sunny days in Canada, and during the summer our daylight can last up to 18 hours.

Spring & Summer

Spring and summer in Alberta provides endless potential for fun. The warm, dry weather is perfect for day trips out of the city for picnics, hiking, and enjoying local lakes. Temperatures rarely reach above 30° C, so you'll feel comfortable enjoying the outdoors all day long.

Winters Welcome

Our winters do get cold and snowy, but it's nothing Albertans can't handle. The lack of humidity makes our snow light and fluffy, and the temperatures are easy to manage with the right warm clothing. Albertans love being outside year round, enjoying skiing, tobogganing, and skating.

Alberta's Major Cities


Edmonton is Alberta's capital city located in the central/northern part of the province. Though it is home to over a million people, it is a big city with a small town feel. 

Edmonton boasts the largest urban park in North America (22 times larger than New York’s Central Park) and is home to Canada’s largest mixed-use entertainment district as well as the largest mall in North America. In the summer, Edmonton enjoys up to 18 hours of sunlight a day which is plenty of time to enjoy the abundance of city wide events that have granted Edmonton the name “Festival city”.

Get Outside

Enjoy the arts

Live well


Calgary sits in the eastern foothills of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, where the Bow and Elbow rivers meet. With its sprawling landscapes, rising skylines and vibrant urban centres, Calgary has earned the spot as the 4th most liveable city in the world. Calgary is home to an abundance of art, culinary and cultural experiences as well as world-renowned events such as the annual Calgary Stampede. 

Calgary is the sunniest major city in Canada, with often fast-changing temperatures. Chinook winds can raise winter temperatures by as much as 15 degrees over just a few hours.

Visit the Rockies

Be Part of a Diverse Culture

Live Well

Why Alberta is recognized worldwide for its high standard of living

Free Public-healthcare

The province of Alberta offers free public healthcare that includes access to world-renowned hospitals, care centres, and centres of Health and Science.

Diverse Workforce

Alberta is home to an ethnically diverse population of over four million people. With one of every six workers born outside of Canada, Alberta hosts one of the most diverse workforces in North America.

A Leading Education System with a High International Ranking

Children have the opportunity to learn and achieve at the highest level in Alberta’s public education system. According to results from an international standardized test, Alberta students are some of the best in Canada and among the top in the world in reading and science.

Lower Taxes

Whether it’s personal tax, corporate tax, fuel taxes or retail sales taxes, Alberta is a great place if you want more money for you to take home.

Leader In Energy

Alberta has the third-largest petroleum reserves in the world and is focussed on sustainable resource development

A Truly Picturesque Province

Alberta offers a diverse and beautiful landscape with sprawling prairies and world-class mountain destinations. There’s no shortage of places to explore with clear blue lakes, sprawling forests, and the Rocky Mountains right in your backyard.

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