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Immigrating to Canada is an exciting experience. It's a great opportunity for you and your family to enjoy a new culture and way of life.

Are you an experienced and passionate worker looking for jobs within Alberta’s growing industries?

Since 2015, Jobs Alberta has helped hundreds of experienced workers from around the world find employment in Alberta’s top industries. We work directly with many of the province's best employers who are actively searching for international workers to meet the demands of their business. We have a strong understanding of what businesses are looking for, how the immigration process works, and are ready to help you map out a life in Alberta, every step of the way.

Our Process

Contact us so we can get to know you

Every situation is unique and should be treated that way. We’ll ask you questions about who you are, what experience you have, and what types of jobs you would be suited for. If you’re a good fit, we’ll contact you for the next step.

We find jobs that match your experience, skills, and personality

Now that we know you better, we can start looking for jobs that suit your particular skill set, experience, and personality.

Attend an interview

Once we find a position that is suited for you, we will interview you so that we can ensure it is a great match. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions and find out more about the job and company. Interviews are held over a video call.

Receive a job offer

Now that you have a job offer, it’s time to plan your move to Alberta. We’ll help with your paperwork and connect you with all of the resources you need. If you are planning on immigrating, we can guide you through that process too.

Alberta's Job Industries

While Alberta's Oil and Gas energy sector remains a strong focus in Alberta’s economy, many other industries that are thriving. Hotels, restaurants, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and information technology are all growing areas that are in constant need of new workers.

Can I become a permanent resident in Canada?

Once you have secured employment in Alberta, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residency in Canada. We can guide you through the paperwork and connect you to the appropriate resources too.

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