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Do you want to study at internationally recognized schools?

Alberta’s world-class and well-respected post-secondary system attracts thousands of international students each year. Province-wide educational institutions offer many programs delivered in cutting-edge facilities recognized for their research excellence

Why should I study in Alberta?

High-level of quality assurance

Alberta is the only jurisdiction in Canada where all institutions that admit international students must meet specific quality standards that are ministry approved and recognized. 

Innovation is born in Alberta’s institutions

Some of the world's top discoveries have been made in Alberta’s leading Institutions.

A place for everyone

Alberta has been built by its openness to diversity. Alberta’s institutions for higher-education honour this and ensure there are opportunities for everyone.

High-rate of job placement

You may have the opportunity to work within your chosen field while you study, leading to higher chances of a job placement after you graduate. This can lead to the option for immigration and Canadian citizenship.

How it Works

Pick your field of study

Depending on your interests, experience, and goals, we’ll work with you to determine which field of study is the best choice for you.

Determine your eligibility

Each program has different requirements such as a high school GPA, IELTS score, or completed post-secondary courses. We will determine if you have all the qualifications necessary for your intended program. If you don’t, we can offer the next steps to help you meet all the eligibility requirements.

Apply to your chosen field of study

Every school has a different process for applying. We recommend applying a year in advance for any post-secondary program. Job’s Alberta will help you with the application to your intended school. Depending on requirements, your program may require a fee to apply, health insurance for foreign students, as well as language tests. 

Receive an Offer Letter

Congratulations! You have been accepted into your program. You can now pay your tuition fee and will then receive your Letter of Acceptance from your school.

Apply for your study permit through IRCC

International Students need a study permit. Job’s Alberta can help you apply for one. Be sure to have your Letter of Admission as you will need it to apply.

Prepare for your transition in Canada

Once you know which school you’ll be studying at, you’ll need to start planning. We suggest researching the city you’ll be moving to so you understand how you’ll get to school, what neighbourhood you might want to live in, and how you’ll access everything you need while you’re a student. You may want to look into on-campus housing, or arrange for temporary housing when you first arrive, as searching for a house or apartment rental is easier once you’re in the city.

Finished your studies?

Apply for your Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

  • If you are interested in working in Alberta, Jobs Alberta can help you apply for your Post Graduation Work Permit once you have completed your program. You have up 6 months days after you receive confirmation that you completed your study program to apply for a PGWP.

Apply for Permanent Residence (PR)

  • Once you have a job offer, you can begin the immigration process and become a permanent resident. Learn more about how the immigration process here

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