On-site Talent

We match your business with top local and international candidates. And we handle the process of bringing them to you.

Our Process

We recruit talented, passionate and accomplished candidates. If the right person for your team is located elsewhere, we manage any permitting or immigration processes needed to bring them on board with your company.

Your perfect hire in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Discovery
Our first step in working with you is to thoroughly understand your company - its goals, strategy, job-specific requirements and what skills you need to bring on board to grow your business. During our discovery process, we meet with you to find out exactly what you’re looking for in your new hire.

Step 2: Recruitment and Hire
From there, we use large-scale data analysis, technical exams, and live interviews to find the candidate your business needs. We actively and passively recruit to find highly skilled, experienced professionals from the local and international talent pool, reviewing an average of 200 candidates to find you the perfect fit.

Step 3: Start of Work
If your new hire is local, they can start working on-site right away. If they’re an international hire, they can start working remotely immediately, giving you the chance to orient them to your business and put their skills to work while we start their immigration process. We’ get all of the necessary visas and work permits in place, using all available government programs to fast-track their arrival and get them working on-site for you as quickly as possible.

Average Candidates Reviewed
Average Retention After Hire
2 Years
Placement Guarantee
90 days
Candidates Placed To Date

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