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Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning & Maintenance jobs offer lots of opportunity to build new skills and advance your career.

Put your attention-to-detail to use.

Cleaning jobs often offer flexible hours or shift work, allowing you to find the right fit for your lifestyle. They suit people who enjoy being careful and thorough and appreciate the value of a clean and orderly space. Whether you're interested in heavy or light duty work, there are usually many positions available. Either way, you'll need be active and busy throughout your shifts.

These jobs usually require no previous experience and are a good entry point into the Canadian job market. Lots of newcomers start their careers in this industry and move up into management roles.

By the numbers


Approximate people work as cleaners in Alberta

Why Cleaning & Maintenance?

No experience necessary.

A good attitude and willingness to learn and work hard is all that's needed to get started.

Opportunity to grow.

There is plenty of room to grow in this field. In time, you can become a supervisor or manager.

Steady and consistent work.

Even if Alberta is in a recession, cleaners are always needed across the province. You'll never be out of work for long.

Sub Industries

  • Building Superintendent
  • Cleaning Supervisor
  • Janitor
  • Landscaper
  • Light Duty Cleaner
  • Specialized Cleaner

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