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  • Jason Byrne

    President and CEO

    Jason is responsible for leading Jobs Alberta to deliver exceptional talent that elevates organizational performance, and to advance the interests of Alberta's technology sector.

    Prior to joining Jobs Alberta, Jason worked for one of Canada’s largest financial institutions, leading cross functional teams and providing strategic solutions across multiple business segments.

    Jason is a longstanding volunteer with Junior Achievement, Past Chair of Norquest College’s Youth in Transition Program, and has been a regular contributor on TEC Edmonton’s Advisory Panel.

    In 2015 Jason completed an MBA from Athabasca University which included academic research on human capital management and the intergenerational workforce. He lives in Calgary, Alberta with his wife and young family.

  • Daniela Barajas

    IT Recruiter

    As our lead IT Recruiter, Daniela is the connection between our clients and candidates. Before joining Jobs Alberta she worked as a Talent Acquisition Specialist and Trainer for companies in the USA and Mexico.

    Daniela completed her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in 2014, and a Master's Degree in Quality Systems in 2017. She has published papers in the area of Quality Systems in IT.

    Daniela has a true passion for working with people, teaching and training. She speaks English, Spanish, and Hebrew and lives in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

  • Bhupinder Singh

    Senior Immigration Consultant

    Bhupinder is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) with diverse international experience. He is focused on helping technology companies bring top talent to Canada, and supporting candidates and their families with their immigration journey.

    Prior to immigrating to Canada with his family, Bhupinder studied Mechanical Engineering in Punjab, India and completed an MBA at Silicon Valley University in San Jose, California.

    Bhupinder lives in Calgary, Alberta with his wife and young family.

Your partner for better recruitment

Our dedicated, experienced team takes pride in making your hiring or job search journey easier, and making employer-candidate matches that lead to long-term success. Working together with our international recruitment partners, we tap into a large, diverse tech talent pool to find the best fit every time.

Our approach combines the best of both worlds - AI and human evaluation - to make sure that we match employers with new hires who not only have top-tier skills in tech, but are truly aligned with their new employer’s goals, values and organizational culture. We want Alberta tech companies to succeed, and we want the people who work for those companies to love their jobs. When recruiting internationally, we focus on Mexico and Latin America - markets close to Canada with an abundance of highly qualified candidates who can help fill shortages and gaps in the local talent pool.

Making every step of the process simple, efficient and impactful is important to us - and it works. We’re proud of the successful, lasting placements we’ve made so far, and we’re eager to keep that track record growing.

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